leiria .

Linda Leiria, linda Leiria quero cantar-te
Sou um estudante da terra distante sempre vou amar-te
Com a guitarra com a guitarra e o rio Lis
Componho e canto à terra de encanto e sou feliz!

Para o ano há mais. :)



Come and see
I swear by now I'm playing time against my troubles
I'm coming slow but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while
I'm in the front
The play on time is won
But the difficulty is coming here
I will go in this way
And find my own way out
I won't tell you to stay
But I'm coming to much more
All at once the ghosts come back
Reeling in you now
What if they came down crushing
Remember when I used to play for
all of the loneliness that nobody
notices now
I'm begging slow I'm coming here
Only waiting
I wanted to stay
I wanted to play,
I wanted to love you
I'm only this far
And only tomorrow leads my way
I'm coming waltzing back and
moving into your head
Please, I wouldn't pass this by
I wouldn't take any more than
What sort of man goes by
I will bring water
Why won't you ever be glad
It melts into wonder
I came in praying for you
Why won't you run in the rain and play
Let the tears splash all over you...

( ~ #41 . Dave Matthews Band ~ )
: )

em altas .

Pois foi...
Foi um fim-de-semana engraçado... Acabei por ir para o Jamaica ontem e hoje para o IX Hipócrates... Upsss... Jantar no Montijo!
Estou contente (ponto).